10 Unsolved Mysteries of India that will Amaze you!

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10 Unsolved Mysteries of India that will Amaze you!

India is a country full of mysteries and unsolved enigmas. With unmatched history, there are still many things that science has failed to explain. Many of these mysteries are still under research. We have tried compiling some of the most interesting unsolved enigmas that will amaze you.

So let’s find out India’s Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries :

1.The Alien cave paintings of Charama

There is a cave near Bastar which is located in Chattisgarh. J R Bhagat who is an archaeologist by profession has found out ancient rock painting which represents human figures and flying discs. However, the twist lies in the fact that villagers claim that people land from the sky and take away villagers. Bhagat himself has rejected this idea of aliens but another way round there is no other explanation.

2. The Jodhpur Boom

Residents of Jodhpur were taken aback on 18th December 2012 when a loud sonic boom was heard all over the city. But the army base refused to come across any such sound and with this, this incident in Jodhpur has left people startled and puzzled.

3. The curious case of Shanti Devi

Shanti Devi was born in 1926 in Delhi and was merely 4 years old when she began recalling details of her past life. She made a statement that she was a reborn form of a woman from a town which is located 145 km away and that she then died as soon as she gave birth to a child. Researchers have verified her statement and strangely found it to be true.

4. The Jatinga bird suicide: Unsolved Mystery

This town is located in Assam and has witnessed the death of hundreds of birds over an area of land which is about 3 km in measurement for 100 years. Researchers have speculated the explanation as putting forward the reason for fog and high altitude causing death. But scientists are not very sure of why Jatinga is regarded as a death zone for birds.

5. The abandoned village of Kuldhara

The village Kuldhara which is located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan was once highly flourishing and robust, but about 200 years ago people of the village left the village overnight. The strange part is no one has the knowledge of when they left or where they are currently settled. There are abundant theories behind this mass abandon but one point is confirmed, people dare not settle here because they believe that this village is actually cursed. Still it is unsolved and mysterious.

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6. The shrine of Bullet Baba

A man named Om Banna died in 1991 while riding beside the city Jodhpur. His motorbike was swayed to the nearest police station but the strange part is the next morning it was discovered back at the site of the accident. The police officers swayed it again to the police station now with chains and tanks but again the very same thing happened, it was found again in the place of accident. The place where the accident took place is now a temple to Banna’s soul. It is devoted to a 350cc Royal Enfield ‘deity’. The local people are of the view that it guides the lost travelers.

7. The Monkey Man of New Delhi

They are the most iconic documentation of the mysteries that troubled a large group of people, the Monkey Man which prevailed in Delhi in 2001. He scared the shit out of people and left them afraid and people claimed that he has even caused injuries and scratches. He looked like an 8-foot long creature with the helmet on the top. The police were never able to catch hold of him. This is still one of the unsolved mysteries in India.

8. The UFO base at Kongka La Pass

It is located at the India China border and was known among the people for its mysterious flying objects and strange lights in the sky. This rumor also takes a firm turn because the area is not patrolled by both sides of the army.

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9. The man who’s lived without food and water for 70 years

Prahlad Jani, also known as Mataji or Chunriwala Mataji, is an Indian breatharian monk. He is a great devotee of Goddess Amba allegedly survived without any food or water since 1940. In the year 2010, researchers kept an eye over him for about 15 days with the help of CCTV cameras and discovered that he showed no sign of starvation or dehydration.

10. The twin village of Kerala: One of the fascinating Unsolved Mysteries of India The twin village of Kerala: One of the fascinating Unsolved Mysteries of India

The village Kodinhi is a village in Malappuram district in Kerala, India is a place to 220 pairs of twins with a population of just 2000 people. Scientists are yet to provide any explanation as to why people are blessed with such a miracle.