11 Times Bobby Deol Proved That He Is Way Ahead Of Time And Why He Is Called “Lord Bobby”

Bobby Deol is son of Bollywood star Dharmendra and his first wife Prakash Kaur. The actor is famous for his roles in Barsaat, Soldier, Gupt, Bichhoo etc. Bobby is quite popular among netizens and has a separate fanbase.

Recently, a video meme from Bobby Deol movie is making rounds on social media. People are relating the hilarious situation in the video with the current pandemic world is facing. The video portrays that Bobby Deol was way ahead of time.

Below we have compiled few such memes which proves that Bobby Deol is way ahead of the time is actually lord Bobby:

1. Hacking bank accounts before net banking service was available

2. Using highly advance gadgets even before they were invented

3. The best cricket umpires of the world are trained by Lord Bobby

4. That’s why he is called Lord Bobby

5. Even Hollywood copies him

6. He can even defeat a tiger

7. Honey, nah it’s a Bobby trap

8. He has time machine

9. Looks like a futurist Podcast set up

10. An expert in cooking

11. Don’t try this at home