15 Times Indians Asked The Most Stupid And Weird Questions On Internet

In the last few years internet has reached to almost every corner of the country. If you want to know any about anything, the internet offers the perfect place to ask your questions without any face-to-face judgement. This has resulted in people easily sharing their opinions, learn and know about things which they don’t know about.

Below are some plain stupid to hilariously outrageous questions that are asked on different forums – and they make for hilarious reading.

1. Should I buy it or not?

2. My eyes! My eyes! My eyes!

3. What kind of shayari is that?

4. Someone is trying to become a spy.

5. Yeh toh Modi Jee hi bata sakte hai.

6. No words.

7. Internet is not racist.

8. Please stop guys.

9. This is creepy AF.

10. Why would you want to do that?

11. Preity wouldn’t have saw that coming.

12. Men’s rights activist spotted.

13. He’s trying his best to help out!

14. Oh man!

15. Someone explain him.