19 Rare Things Most People Get to See Only Once in a Lifetime

Internet if full of pictures and memes and there are many of them which you wouldn’t have seen yet. Here are some captures that rarely happens, scroll down to enjoy them.

1. This is the same horse with a gap of 5 years. Some horses are born black but turn gray, slowly.

(T) Criadero Sumatambo/Facebook (B) Criadero Sumatambo/Facebook

2. The underwater statue Constructed using sustainable pH-neutral materials, Ocean Atlas, near the Bahamas


3. Rare photo of giraffe with skeletal dysplasia, it’s only 9 feet tall while a normal giraffe is 15 feet tall, on average

Giraffe Conservation Foundation/Facebook

4. Chickens like this do exist

Katie Eberhart/Instagram

5. First sunrise in Murmansk, Russia after the polar night. The sun didn’t appear in the sky for 40 days.

Анна Шейко/Instagram

6. A gynandromorph butterfly. The right part of its body is male, and the left one is female


7. A tree growing on a tree.


8. I came to visit my mother, and she has this outside the window


9. 150 million years old imprint of a dragonfly on limestone

Денис Шевяков/Instagram

10. This is how the meteorite looks in the sunlight

Денис Шевяков/Instagram

11. The last bit of summer left in this leaf


12. A regular size apple grow in a bonsai apple tree


13. Caddisflies’ larvae protect their developing bodies by manufacturing shea­ths spun from silk and debris found on a pond’s bottom. A French artist, Hubert Duprat, placed them in aquaria with gold, pearls, and gems and results are amazing.


14. A beautiful Bozouls Hole which is 1,300 feet wide and 330 feet deep.


15. Perfectly preserved ice from a leaf


16. The desert rose is a rose-like formation of crystal clusters of gypsum that can be found in the Sahara Desert.


17. Indigo milk cap mushroom of very unusual color

(T) wikipedia (B) wikipedia

18. This is Saturn’s moon which looks like a “space dumpling”.


19. Galle is a crater on Mars which is often known as the “happy face crater” because it looks like a happy smile


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