5 reasons to start your day with Greeting to the Sun

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5 reasons to start your day with Greeting to the Sun

It’s a great way to wake up your body in the morning and prepare it for a new day full of challenges!

The Sun Salutation is a great way to introduce the regular practice into your life. If you don’t have time for a daily one-hour yoga session, you can start with 4 to 6 cycles. Sun Salutation is an easy set of asanas to start your day full of energy and concentration.

Regularity in yoga practice is crucial, and it is better to do 20-minute daily exercises than irregular exercise once or twice a week, even if they are longer.

1. Yoga instead of Coffee! Get your circulation going and awake your body!

The Sun Salutations are a great way to wake up your body in the morning and prepare it for a new day full of challenges! Positions are easy, and thanks to modifications (and thanks to the use of help) the practice is accessible to all. Start with a few basic positions!

You will definitely feel your heart rate increase, and with it, your body temperature. Thanks to sun greetings, you will improve blood circulation in the body, thanks to which you will oxygenate it, purify it and strengthen it. If you do them regularly, your lungs, digestive system, muscles and joints will thank you for it.

It is an energizing practise that stimulates the life energy – Prana (life energy), which helps to remove energy blockages in the body.

The Sun Salutations series can in itself be a pleasant cardio (cardiovascular) exercise for the benefit of the entire body.

2. Greeting the Sun will tone your body!

Regular practice of sun greetings will tone your muscles, bring you more strength and flexibility to your body. It will stretch the hamstrings, arms and chest, and will also release tension in the body. When you move in positions, you strengthen your joints, which in turn helps maintain the full range of motion in your body for years.

Greeting the sun perfectly relaxes the spine and increases its flexibility. Forward turns and a slight backward bend, for example in the Cobra position, help us maintain a healthy spine, which is extremely important for our overall well-being.

3. Greeting the Sun is meditation in motion!

Greeting the Sun is a series of asanas linked by breath. As you move from one position to another, follow your breath and let it guide you. The breath bridges the mind and body, creating the perfect time for quiet, moving meditation. There is no single method here, listen to yourself, to the rhythm of your heart and breathing.

Try to keep the mind following the breath, and when your thoughts wander about everyday things, bring your attention back to the breath.

Practice being here and now

Enjoy the moment for yourself, do not try to wonder how many sun greetings you have already made or how many are left. Focus all your attention on the connection of movement and breathing, and make it your only goal. Take pleasure in exploring yourself!

4. Practice the Sun Salutation with respect for yourself and your body!

The daily sun salutation practice gives us the perfect space to observe our body. We feel different every day and your practice should reflect this. Some days the body is flexible and fit, while others it may feel stiff and tired.

Respect your body every day!

Watch it change with your daily practice and modify the sequence as you see fit. Try not to let your ego dictate your practice – you don’t have to do anything faster or harder because there are no goals or requirements in yoga. It is just you and your body slowly moving and enjoying the journey.

5. Greet the Sun and be thankful for each new day!

Gratitude is a great ‘boost’ of positive energy. Be thankful for everything you have in your life! The more thankful you are for the things around you, the more you can enjoy them!

We take so many things for granted and appreciate only when they are not there.

Greeting the Sun, as the translation indicates, is a gesture of respect and appreciation for the Sun, but you can also greet any area of ??life for which you are especially grateful.

As you complete the series, think about one intention for which you are grateful! Thanks to this, you will feel your mood and spirit improve!

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