Anannke Foundation: How this is Helping women

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Malini Saba

Dr. Malini Saba is a Self-made businesswoman, psychologist, fitness enthusiast, author, passionate culinarian, single-mom, social rights activist, global advocate for women and girls, and, most importantly, philanthropist. She is a kind-hearted woman who loves to cook and always wants to help others,  and  She has the quality of using one’s business to serve humanity. Besides working for people, she had also written a book based on her passion for cooking – “An Abbreviated Cook,”

Malini Saba

There are two worlds created based on one’s financial status, and she wants to bridge that gap between them. Backward classes are the category of people who consists of all the socially, educationally, and politically backward groups, castes, and tribes. They are those with low literacy, and lack of education, poverty, exploitation of labor, non-representation in services and untouchability.

Dr. Saba is from Seremban, Malaysia. She has always wanted to do something for society, so when she was a child, she used to donate her clothes and books to needy once. Then after some time, she began volunteering at hospitals to give back to society. She wants to create a better world for women and children by providing them with healthcare facilities and education.

So looking forward to this, she found a foundation namely, Ananke Foundation which aims to improve the health and wealth of marginalized communities around the world.

Arms of the organization


Aim to this foundation arm is to provide education to underprivileged girls around the world which also provides scholarship programmers for school-going girls and funds for college as well.


This foundation aims to help women, especially older women, by providing them with proper access to necessary healthcare. It also provides access to human rights for at-risk women.

Over the years Anannke Foundation has also undertaken many projects by collaborating with many organizations such as Stanford University Medical Center, the aim was to fund and train emergency care physicians from developing countries such as India and Uzbekistan;

Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA), Mumbai, it aimed to encourage the formation of several collectives, primarily comprising women and children; Aman Movement’ they funded and mentored ‘All-GIRLS School’ Secondary Wing’ of 2,500 girls for ‘Maharani Gurcharan Kaur Euro Group’, Nabha, Punjab, India – among many others.

They also run campaigns against bullying of all forms – online, physical, social, verbal, and at the workplace. Additionally, it funds legal battles for women, engages in campaigns for women-centric issues, and also helps young girls.

Malini Saba donated to the construction of the secondary wing for 2500 girls by Nabha Foundation, Punjab

COVID-19 response

In this such a heartbreaking situation Anannke Foundation has provided food support and also distributed masks and sanitizers. They also donated Rs 1.9 crore and 20,000 kg of dry white rice and also donated food baskets, hygiene kits, clothes, and offered support to 20 lakh children and their families living on streets.


Distribution of ration and PPE kits during the COVID-19 lock-down while maintaining social distancing


Saba Group Holdings

Saba Group Holdings is Malini Saba’s privately-held company, headquartered in Asia. Along with it, the company has been financing the Anannke Foundation and making it a self-sustained organization, with its employees directly involved in the functioning of the foundation. Not only have their team but also sometimes students from the University volunteered for our cause, with a lot of fire in their belly.”

Whatever the money received by Anannke entirely goes into the philanthropic work because there is no additional cost in running the foundation.