Corona Virus was already predicated 7 years ago? Read how

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We all are aware of the pandemic CORONA Virus spreading at a rapid rate. The whole world is taking precautions and safety measures to fight with the covid19 virus which rooted in China. Social media is filled with the latest discoveries and turnouts due to coronavirus. People are using Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc and citing their views on the recent spread. But Recently a strange tweet posted by a twitter user @marcos surfaced the twitter feed. This quickly became viral since the user has stated “corona virus… it’s coming”.

This tweet was posted 7 years ago on June 13, 2013
With over 120k likes and many retweets twitter users are astonished whether its real or fake. It is in fact astonishing how is this even possible. But the closest reason we can get it is that coronavirus is not something new. It has been on this planet for long for example SARS and MERS. What needs to be noted that today we are facing the COVID19 which is a type of coronavirus and unique

Responses and replies on 7 years ago predicted corona virus

Many of the twitter users posted humorous replies. Some of them are:

Corona Virus has become today’s topic everyone is discussing. ItsLitBRO also advises taking precautionary measures and safety measures so that as a whole we can contain this disease.