Ganga Water Turns Crystal At Rishikesh During Lockdown, Watch Video

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In a video recently posted on twitter, the Ganga river is seen crystal clear. People believe it is a lockdown effect. Water has been seen so clearly that is see-through. People posted that after a long time that’s have seen Ganga so clear. Also at other places like Haridwar, Kanpur where the range passes similar reports came.

A video recording crystal clear waters of river Ganga at Rishikesh’s Lakshman Jhula is going viral on social media, reports India Today. The water is so clear that even the rocks on the river bed are evident!

It has been a discussing point that nature is reverting back its phase. This altogether is something soothing news amid the current stressful lockdown. in other reports, the Yamuna and other rivers were also reported to be much cleaner than ever.

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Video: See Ganga Crystal clear

Ganga at Rishikesh, near the Lakshman jhoola on 24.04.2020.🙏

And all along we were searching for heaven….

— Susanta Nanda IFS (@susantananda3) April 26, 2020



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