Hottest Brand Ambassadors In India

Bollywood has given birth to many things – the most amazing of them is the rise of female stars branching out and doing business their way. Many actresses don’t just rely on income from films. Some have their own companies, while others work with brands and represent them in the media. And the companies they represent are doing well! We all know that sex sells, and specific industries and companies rely on precisely that. Sometimes, that comes with the brand – and our actresses and models are cashing out! We’ve listed a few industries where beautiful hostesses are the preferred norm.

Indian Premier League

The IPL is known for having incredible female anchors, hosts, and journalists. Think Mandira Bedi, an anchor known from India to Britain for her dazzling and charming personality on camera. She’s been repeatedly voted a fan favourite to watch. Former Miss India International, Shonali Nagrani hosted four seasons of IPL and became known as one of the league’s biggest attractions. More recently, Archana Vijaya, model and TV presenter became the most popular presenter in IPL history, celebrated for her prowess in a male-dominated field. The IPL knows what they’re doing when they hire anchors – their hosts bring the beauty and the brains.

Archana Vijaya Hot
Archana Vijaya/Instagram

L’Oréal and Other Makeup Brands

The makeup industry loves Indian actresses and models for their worldwide campaigns. National brands like L’Oréal means you’ll be seeing these actresses on billboards, in magazines, and nationwide commercials. This year, the company has announced three of India’s most fascinating and stunning women as their ambassadors. Actress Aditi Rao Hydari, popular TV personality Shakti Mohan, and former cricketer Mithali Raj will be featured in this year’s campaign. Other brands know the deal too – and they’ve been hiring. Anushka Sharma’s Nivea Lotion ad was one of the most celebrated worldwide. Bipasha Basu’s face is nearly synonymous with the Pantene brand all over the world as well. Of course, you can’t forget actress and superstar Kareena Kapoor, who’s been a brand ambassador for makeup and fashion brands before launching her own range, Lakme Absolute – effectively showing off her allure to the entire country (and quickly skyrocketing her own products to the top!).

Kareena Kapoor Lakme

JeetWin, Live Dealers, and Casino Brands

Though gambling online is still considered a little taboo, it hasn’t stopped casino brands from tapping Bollywood’s best for their brand ambassadors. For example, Sunny Leone is now the face of JeetWin’s Live Dealer Casino. Live dealer is the natural progression as India’s obsession with card games moves online, and Sunny Leone is one of the actresses that signed a deal to become not just the face, but a live card dealer herself! Fans can now watch her host poker games live. Casinos are known to make bank on “sexy” live games – which mostly means hostesses are known to be more attractive. Other casino brands like Poker High have opted for male brand reps, like Arjun Rampal – possibly in hopes of attracting more female viewers as well.

These are some of the less apparent industries that use sex and sexy actresses to sell products, memberships, and brand awareness. Clothing companies, wellness brands, perfumeries, car brands, and even fast food and sports drinks are known for explicitly hiring the most popular and provocative actors and actresses to increase their popularity. However, new studies from marketing companies show that sex doesn’t always sell in every industry. While consumers do like to see Bollywood’s most attractive – they prefer authenticity, which may mean a change in marketing in many industries.

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