How technology can help to maintain social distance at Clinics?

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We have seen many parents with their children and old age people standing in a queue outside the clinic and we all have available various specific expertise doctors like as below;

  • Dentist,
    ENT Specialist [Otolaryngologists ] Pathologist
    Orthopedic surgeons
    Cardiac surgeons

DINGG is the application that is associated with all kinds of doctors and their clinics to book the appointment. We are bringing a platform which is very useful for doctors and their patients. Doctors have benefits as below;

  • Doctor/Clinic can have better sorting of time management
    Doctor/Clinic can expect better exposure to their own branding of the clinic
    Doctor/Clinic can get easy and simple interaction between patient via DINGG

We have seen people waiting on the porch or waiting room at doctor’s clinics. At this time of Covid-19, our biggest challenge of social distancing and all must be careful of such infective virus attacks. DINGG is bringing the solution of not gathering too many people at the same clinic venue and can have easy, efficient online appointments which will be sorted by the doctor’s time and availability.

We are a highly professional technical team that has created this beautiful and useful application to resolve our core competencies like “Make Your Waiting Certain“. Nobody wants to wait for a doctor or outside the clinic and pay the higher consultancy cost of the same, hence we have very easy online not to stand in queue ideation and can have discounts or coupons on each appointment.

We are contacting the best, leading and finest doctors to associate with DINGG. We have an easy and simple application which is available on Android and iOS both platforms. We started this application operation from Pune India and expanded this application to all over India and all states soon.

Why select this application we have five points happily to share to Users;

  • Easy and Simple
    Not To Stand in Queue “Big No”
    Pay Best Deal of Clinic and Doctor Consultation
    Be Safe and Be At Home | Practice Social Distancing
    DINGG is a new and innovative application

We understand how much time is important for everybody and using it for rightfulness purposes is essential for all families, parents, old age individuals, and business class people. They don’t afford to waste time and money over waiting outside the doctor’s clinic. We are making it simple yet best for both doctors and patients as doctors can have better exposures in terms of area, city, and regions to have the best branding of their prestigious name as doctors and own clinics. And patients can have better options and deal with getting appointments, easy payment options via DINGG.
DINGG is the most innovative and best application in India. Get it today and please refer to the step on how to download it today.