Kissing Contest held in China after lockdown!

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China is starting back on tracks after the intense lockdown. Recently a factory was reopened but it what people saw was weird. A furniture factory, ‘Yueya’ in the city of Suzhou organized a ‘Kissing Contest’, after reopening reports NDTV.

This Contest was held as a celebration. This required participants to kiss each other through a plexiglass barrier. Few couples took part in the contest wearing boiler suits, reports Times Now.
Mr. Ma, the owner of the factory explained and said that the glass was placed in between the couples to ensure social distancing.Kissing Content in China

To avoid any accidents after kisses, we put a piece of plexiglass between everyone and disinfected it with alcohol several times,” he said.

Soon, pictures and videos of the contest went viral all over social media¸

Kissing Content in China

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