Pics Of Deserted Roads & Markets As India Observes ‘Janta Curfew’ To Fight COVID-19

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Junta curfew INDIA
Junta curfew INDIA

Indian PM Narendra Modi requested a couple of days of back in a statement to the country to have junta curfew. Curfew meant for the public by the public. In the video, Modi requested all the citizens to strictly stay at home from 7 AM to 9 PM and follow social distancing. He also requested everyone to get in their balconies and clap as a show of appreciation to all the fighters who are fighting coronavirus. All Doctors, medical staff and authorities received appreciation for their contribution to this war. Many people posted on twitter.

Junta Curfew was observed in INDIA as a measure to break the chain of corona virus in the country. People clapped and appreciated the doctors and fighters. Deserted Roads and Silent City.

It was indeed a joyful view when everyone came at sharp 5 PM and did the activities for at least 5 mins. This signified the success of Junta Curfew and might prove to be crucified for containing the corona spread as this day will act as a break for the chain.

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The day was seen as deserted in many places in India

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With the latest report states, a total of 385 cases in INDIA of Covid 19 Corona Virus the disease is spreading rapidly. Many steps are being taken by the government and state with a lockdown in many parts of the country. Recently a popular Bollywood playback singer Kanika Kapoor was diagnosed with corona virus.