Restaurant Bill Says, “Never Hurt Samosa Or Kachori, They Too Have Fillings Inside”. Twitter Reacts

Many of us like to eat out but due to the coronavirus pandemic, we all have preferred to stay indoors and eat home-made food. However, there are still times when we crave for tasty food that we get at restaurants.

What makes the matter worse are the marketing strategies used by some of the outlets which not only increase your desire to have food outside but also make you appreciate the sense of humour of the marketing team of eateries.

Recently, an outlet Shree Chaats Mithai and Namkeen which is based in Chennai came up with a cheeky one-liner which left its customers in splits. They have printed this one-liner on their bill and it reads, “Never hurt a Samosa or Kachori by saying NO… They too have fillings inside!!”

The food pun was loved by netizens when a Twitter user posted the photo of the bill:

While there were some who loved the food pun and promised that they would never hurt any samosa or kachori, few others questioned the high pricing of samosa chaat because one plate has been priced as Rs. 75 which is undoubtedly quite costly.

Check out some of the selected reactions:










Will you ever dare to hurt a samosa or kachori after reading this?

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