‘Sew the Divide’

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The year 2020 has been the worst year since it started. Currently, if we see, Covid-19 is in the spotlight, which is increasing day by day at a very high speed. Every day we hear the news about increasing the number of corona positive cases. There are daily wage laborers and migrant workers because of the lockdown who are affected the most. We all have to follow social distancing and because of which people are jobless and facing lots of problems.

So looking forward to this heart-breaking situation. A 16-year-old girl, Anahit Bindra, who studies at Vasant Valley High School in Delhi, launched an initiative in a neighborhood known as ‘Sew the Divide’. The aim of this initiative is to earn money by sewing. Women can now earn their livelihood by stitching clothes, masks, and many other accessories.

Anahit Bindra


This initiative started out in December 2019. Anahit gathers 12 women from the Khayal slum in Delhi and teaches them in sewing, designing, and fabric management with the help of her aunt. Then she made arrangements of things that are needed such as sewing machines and fabric. This initiative brings lots of happiness to women’s lives. Today they all earn income by producing kurtas and Masks.


Kurtas made by the women of Khayal

Sushmita Sarang is one of those women, earlier only her farther was earning, but now she can also contribute. In the last six months, this group of women has stitched more than 24 masks and 45 kurtas. All these were sold and also provided help to the needy once again by distributing them to the poor through some NGOs with whom Anahit has collaborated – Close Box Foundation, Goonj, Pahel, and Dream Girl Foundation.

Anahit has done a very great job and helps so many women by making their lives better, and she is an inspiration for many others.