Shubham Mishra: YouTuber who publically threat to a female comedian

Shubham Mishra is a YouTuber with over 298k subscribers on the channel and over 35k followers on Instagram.


He recently, publically, threatened a female comedian just because he was offended by her stand-up video, and earlier she had already apologized for it.

Agrima Joshua who is a stand-up comedian, her stand-up act offended the supporter of Chatrapati Shivaji. And the MLA threatened to fire an FIR against her, she issued a public apology.

Agrima Joshua tweeted “I am sorry for having hurt the sentiments of the many followers of the great leader Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. My heartfelt apologies to followers of the great leader, who I sincerely respect. The video has already been taken down. Please amplify.”

Her joke hurt the sentiments and also defamed Chatrapati Shivaji. So a particular community is free to take a legal course of action — just as MLA Pratap Sarnaik threatened to do.

However, issuing such type of threats is not a small thing. It’s disgusting and punishable by law. So Subham Mishra is arrested for doing so.

While NCW has asked for immediate action, he is yet to be arrested.

NCW tweeted “Keeping in line with #NCW’s commitment towards ensuring safety of #women online, our Chairperson @sharmarekha has written to @dgpgujarat for taking immediate action against Shubham Mishra, the man hurling abuses against a female comedian in this video.

@kunalkamra88 @SaketGokhale”

Many times it happens that threats are still given to females. Females go through a lot such as rape, death, and torture online. This happens because people think nothing will happen, and no legal action will be taken against them. And when social media called out for Subhams arrest them, he uploaded a video and justified it by stating that his video was recorded in anger.

Sahil Shah also tweeted regarding his arrest: “All of these are clones of Hindustani Bhau. We watched his videos. Laughed at his antics. Celebrated his entry into Big Boss.

Great. This is his legacy. This sick disgusting excuse of a human being.

Find him. Arrest him. And keep him away from any human interactions”

Strict action should be taken against him. Until strict actions are taken, people like Subham continue this thing, and so many other women have to face such things. So it’s time to take action against this kind of behavior and ensure that social media is a safe place for women.

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