The Tragic Story behind The Picture of Man Crying On His Phone is more Heartbreaking !

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The Tragic Story behind The Picture of Man Crying On His Phone is more Heartbreaking !
The Tragic Story behind The Picture of Man Crying On His Phone is more Heartbreaking !

You must have come across many migrants’ photos on the media. Helpless and exhausted, pictures and videos of migrant workers walking several miles without food, water, and rest have been doing the rounds on the internet.

migrants in lockdown
migrants in lockdown

These photos are a solid token of the state of the vagrant laborers over the whole nation. One such picture that as of late became a web sensation via social media and left an enduring impact on our souls and brains was that of a man crying while at the same time chatting on the phone.

I’m certain we all need to know his story. He is Ram Pukar Pandit, 38-year-old labor from Bihar who has been working in Delhi as a construction worker for 10 years at this point.

Ram Pukar Pandit
Ram Pukar Pandit

He gains a pitiful measure of ₹7,000-8000 every month and visits his family in the town just once every 2-3 months.

On Monday, eleventh May, he got a call from his wife other from Begusarai in Bihar informing him about their 1-year-old kid’s death.

Without any vehicle, Pandit quickly began strolling towards his town with only one wish – to see his child one final time.

He was evidently halted by the Ghaziabad Police close UP Gate and stayed stuck close to the Ghazipur flyover for the following 3 days. Each of his requests to police officers and authorities went unheard.

The viral image of him wailing, is from when he was abandoned at the UP outskirt.

After his image became a web sensation and authorities became acquainted with him, they dropped him at New Delhi Railway Station. He boarded a special migrant train to Bihar alongside different migrants and has now reached Begusarai.

Crushed about not having the option to see his child one final time, Pandit revealed to Indian Express:

I am hopeful that I will meet my family soon. But what hurts the most is not the struggle near the border, it is that my family had to perform the last rites of my child without me. I won’t be able to see my son again.

The tragic story behind the viral photo where a man was seen crying. Migrant workers have been very badly affected due to lockdown. They are forced to return to their hometown since there earning has come at a stall.

His story causes us to feel that we have failed a dad as well as the whole comunity.